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October 27, 2015

Information on Hereditary Factor X DeficiencyDEERFIELD, Ill.Option Care Enterprises, Inc., an independent infusion services company, has been selected as a contracted provider of Coagadex ® (Coagulation Factor X Human), the first and only treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration specifically for hereditary factor X deficiency, a rare and serious bleeding disorder. Coagadex is manufactured by Bio Products Laboratory, Ltd.

Coagadex is an injectable medication provided to patients with hereditary factor X deficiency for the controlling of bleeding episodes or management of surgery-related bleeding. An inherited disorder that prevents the blood from clotting as it should, factor X deficiency currently affects approximately 300 to 600 men and women in the United States. Previously, no specific coagulation factor replacement therapy was available for patients with this condition.

One of the nation’s largest providers of home and alternate treatment site infusion services — including for bleeding disorder management — Option Care was chosen to provide and support the administration of Coagadex due to its ability to provide high-quality clinical support to patients undergoing treatment for complex conditions. The company has the ability to serve patients with hereditary factor X deficiency wherever they are through its 92 infusion pharmacies and 110 alternate treatment sites nationwide.

“We’re honored to work with the bleeding disorders community and are committed to providing these patients the highest quality care, “ said Joan Couden, bleeding disorder program director for Option Care. “Our specially trained infusion nurses and pharmacists have a wealth of experience in caring for patients with rare and complex bleeding disorders. By safely providing therapy, monitoring their progress and working closely with their physicians, our team ensures our patients experience optimal outcomes. “

Coagadex was approved by the FDA on Oct. 20 for on-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes and for management of bleeding before, during and after surgery in patients with mild hereditary factor X deficiency. It was granted orphan product designation, which is given to promote the development of drugs intended to treat rare diseases. The approval of the purified factor X concentrate increases therapy options for patients with hereditary factor X deficiency, with the goal of replacing their missing X factor without adding other clotting factors they don’t need.

“Option Care’s experience providing patients with access to high-quality, high-touch healthcare services for complex conditions has allowed it to develop programs with biopharmaceutical manufacturers to manage and advance patient care, “ said Matthew Deans, vice president of business development for Option Care. “These manufacturers view Option Care as a partner of choice because of our proven track record of effectively managing patient and physician relationships to help ensure successful outcomes for patients on therapies including those where healthcare professional administration is not just preferred, but required. “

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Option Care Enterprises, Inc., antes Walgreens Infusion Services, ofrece atención clínica a cargo de enfermeros de infusión, farmacéuticos y nutricionistas especialmente capacitados para tratar pacientes con una amplia gama de afecciones agudas, crónicas y raras. Como uno de los proveedores más grandes del país de servicios de infusión en el hogar y en centros alternativos de tratamiento, Option Care cuenta con 92 farmacias de infusión y 110 centros alternativos de tratamiento en todo el país. Obtenga más información en

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