The PEAK Award

Option Care Health’s PEAK (Pharmacy Excellence, Achievement, and Knowledge) Award – a prestigious recognition celebrating outstanding contributions within our pharmacy community.


Nominate individuals who exemplify collaboration, responsiveness, dedication to patient care, and a positive impact on patient outcomes. Help us honor those who embody our core values and make a real difference in enhancing patient care. Your nominations contribute to celebrating excellence in our pharmacy community.

Join us in recognizing and applauding the best in the field!


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(Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Residents)


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I am writing to wholeheartedly nominate Emily, your remarkable pharmacist, for the PEAK Award. My recent experience under her care has left me profoundly grateful, and I am convinced she embodies the true essence of collaboration, dedication, and patient-centered care. In the midst of a challenging health situation, Emily's commitment to collaboration became evident immediately. She seamlessly coordinated with my healthcare providers and family, instilling a sense of unity among all involved in my treatment. Her steadfast adherence to the "one team, one goal" philosophy reassured me that I was in capable and caring hands. What truly distinguishes Emily is her unwavering dedication to going above and beyond. Amidst my treatment, she consistently went the extra mile to ensure my medications were not only delivered promptly but also took the initiative to provide additional resources and emotional support. One evening, I faced an unexpected challenge with my medication, and despite it being after working hours, Emily took the time to personally guide me through the issue, showcasing a level of care that goes beyond professional duty. Emily's dedication to patient care extended beyond the clinical realm. Her genuine compassion and commitment to addressing our concerns made the entire process more manageable and significantly less stressful. In summary, Emily's exceptional care goes above and beyond the call of duty, perfectly aligning with the values celebrated by the PEAK Award. Her genuine collaboration, dedication to going the extra mile, and unwavering commitment to patient care make her a deserving candidate for this recognition. I am profoundly thankful for the outstanding care I received under Emily's guidance.
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