Oral drugs often fall short in effectively treating Crohn’s disease, that’s where infusion therapy comes in.

Battling Crohn’s disease is stressful and exhausting. When you finally find a medication to suppress your symptoms, you fear it won’t be for long. A sudden flare up can bring your day to a complete halt. Another call to the doctor, another adjustment to the medications, another day down the drain.

When you are looking for a new option to not just temporarily suppress symptoms and flare ups, but to maintain remission, ask your doctors these questions about Crohn’s disease infusion.

Is infusion therapy for Crohn’s disease an option for me?

Chronic inflammation is a key element of your discomfort, and scientists are still exploring its causes from complex bacteria and immune responses of the body. Basically, this means that there is no one cure-all for your condition, however there are options beyond oral drug capabilities to match the complexity of your Crohn’s disease. Oral medications are limited in their delivery and structure, so infusion therapy opens a new window of opportunity for treatments that wouldn’t be available through oral administration, including cutting-edge technology like biologics .

If you feel you have exhausted your options with oral medications, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle changes without remission, ask your doctor if Crohn’s disease infusion therapy would be a treatment option for you.

How are infusion treatments for Crohn’s disease given?

Infusion treatments are administered through injection, catheter, or IV. Certain medications can be self-administered or maintained over time through simple injection. However, more complex Crohn’s symptoms may need periodic IV treatments ranging from 30 minutes to several hours provided every 2-8 weeks, depending on the medication.

It’s important to walk through the infusion therapy process with your doctors to determine if your current medical condition and routine support these treatments. Blood disorders, heart health, nutrition and overall lifestyle will play a part in your conversation of infusion administration.

Where do I go for Crohn’s Infusion Treatment?

Extended infusion therapy sessions will require professional monitoring and handling by a nurse. Though hospitals and doctor’s offices may administer your medication, it can be time consuming and uncomfortable, unnecessarily disrupting your lifestyle and increasing exposure to other health risks. Infusion therapy patients usually prefer at home care or infusion centers.

One of the leaders in administering infusion therapies is Option Care health. Their customized home administration and Option Care Health Ambulatory Infusion Suites (AIS) provide comfort, privacy, and exceptional customer satisfaction. At-home care with a private nurse brings the treatment to your doorstep with comfort and flexibility, while suites offer semi-private to private infusion therapy locations with Wi-Fi and amenities to ensure relaxation and ease.

Ask your doctor if Option Care Health is a solution for your Crohn’s infusion treatment.

Can I afford Infusion Therapy?

As infusion for Crohn’s disease is beginning to sound like a great solution, you’re probably wondering if it’s even financially possible. You’ve played the game and know that medications and treatments often cause lifelong financial concerns and debt. The constant struggle between insurance companies and drug coverage is too familiar for so many Crohn’s patients. Some policies do not cover at-home care and hospitals can become costly, proving infusion centers as an ideal cost saving solution.

A study by IPSOS Loyalty found that infusion therapy costs were 30-50% less expensive at infusion centers than hospitals. Many infusion center companies, like Option Care Health, offer additional perks in managing your coverage and alleviating your financial stress including:

  • Coordination specialists to manage insurance coverage and costs throughout the enrollment, authorization, and billing process.
  • Professional reimbursement specialists to work with you on any needed insurance claims and expense reports.
  • Private online patient portal to view, organize and manage payments for treatments and services.
  • Research specialists, who search out additional patient programs available to minimize your costs beyond insurance coverage.

Ask your doctor for a reference to Option Care Health to contact these specialists and discuss your coverage for Crohn’s disease infusion treatment.

What’s Next?

If you are fed up with the side effects and lack of confidence in oral medications, talk to your doctor about infusion treatments. Infusion therapy is an effective solution for Crohn’s disease patients when oral medications fail to treat symptoms and flare ups. An increasing number of companies offer infusion centers, at-home care, and expert assistance in coordinating your coverage and care.

Learn more about infusion therapy choices and benefits for your Crohn’s symptoms at optioncarehealth.com