Our Anti-Infective Therapy helps avoid hospitalizations for many infections that can be treated safely and effectively from the comfort, convenience, and privacy of the patient’s home.

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There are up to 4 million avoidable hospital admissions each year”

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Why Choose Option Care Health?

Option Care Health’s advanced infusion therapies treat a broad spectrum of conditions in patients of all ages, including osteomyelitis, pneumonia, septicemia, skin infections, urinary tract infections and more. Our clients choose Option Care Health for its leadership and stay for the benefits of personalized care our network provides.


Option Care Health has 40+ years of skilled infusion experience and provides more than 100,000 biologic infusions each year.[*]Data on file.


The only infusion therapy provider contracted with all major health plans in the United States.[*]Data on file. Option Care Health's services produce clinical outcomes that are significantly higher than the national average and helps reduce costs by avoiding hospitalization.

Safe, Personalized Care

Option Care provides each patient with their own individual infusion plan and dedicated nurse to ensure compliance. As a result of this personalized care, we've earned a 95% overall patient satisfaction rating.[*]Q4 2018 data on file; 2,367 patients surveyed.


Patients receive infusions in the comfort of their home or at one of our more than 100+ Ambulatory Infusion Suite (AIS) locations nationwide with 24/7 access to patient support from experienced clinicians.

How does Option Care Health help?

A demonstrated industry leader in Anti-Infective Infusion Therapy, Option Care Health helps its patients by offering…

  • Time-Saving Intake Coordination Option Care Health specialists help throughout the enrollment process from insurance verification to prior authorization and billing of services.  
  • Individualized Care Plans We customize treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each patient.  
  • Clinical Monitoring & Reporting Specialized infusion nurses monitor and track patients throughout the treatment, notifying physicians of changes in the patient status.  
  • Long-Term Support & Education Option Care Health counsels patients and caregivers on home infusion, self-care and proper hygiene maintenance. 

Some common conditions treated by Option Care Health through its Anti-Infective Infusion Therapy include:

  • Skin, Structure, and Soft Tissue
  • Endocarditis
  • Osteomielitis
  • Bacteremia/Septicemia
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Injury/Open Wound
  • Gastrointestinal Infection  
  • Cystic Fibrosis