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Hope Award Winners

The Hope Award Recognition Program is designed to recognize outstanding team members and leaders on a quarterly and annual basis for making significant contributions and demonstrating Option Care Health’s Values. For 2019, we are proud to recognize the achievements of 24 outstanding team members who went above and beyond to provide extraordinary care and deliver hope to our patients and their families.

Lee Badragan

Director, Revenue Cycle Management Addison, IL

Angie Broderick

Account Executive – Acute Therapies Charlotte, NC

Jason Brookman

Warehouse Manager Chantilly, VA

Nathan Burt

Account Executive – Acute Therapies, Health Systems Solutions Jacksonville, FL

Tim Conley

Account Executive - Acute Therapies Phoenix, AZ

Margaret D’Arcy

Account Executive - Acute Therapies New York, NY

Christine Dommel

Specialist, Revenue Cycle Management Austin, TX

Dan Fels

Regional Sales Director, Health Systems Solutions Jefferson City, MO

Yasminda Garcia

Lead Reimbursement Specialist Vernon Hills, IL

Julie Hass

Account Executive – Chronic Therapies, Los Angeles Specialty Center of Excellence Los Angeles, CA

Petrina Krieg

Area Manager, Patient Onboarding Norfolk, VA

Kathy Lozano

Account Executive – Acute Therapies Tallahassee, FL

Sara Manalakos

Enteral Center of Excellence Manager Norfolk, VA

Nita Meaux

Quality and Risk Management Director Austin, TX

Matthew Morris

Pharmacy COP Manager Panama City, FL

Dorothy Pate

Patient Services Representative Milwaukee, WI

Angela Santiago

Lead Clinical Transition Specialist New York, NY

Nancy Shepard

Nursing Supervisor Cromwell, CT

Alexandra Soto

Account Executive – Chronic Therapies Miami, FL

Tanya Sutton

Senior Director, Operations Fairmont, WV

Laurie Wagnon-Hausherr

Care Transition Coordinator Springfield, IL

Kathleen Waters Schmitt

Clinical Transition Specialist Bakersfield, CA

Caroline Wilson

Account Executive – Chronic Therapies Trenton, NJ

Viola Winston

Senior Director, Operations Jackson, MS

2020 Quarterly Hope Award Winners

First Quarter

Corporate Functions

Daniel Altizer, Analyst, Healthcare Data – Bannockburn

Glen Gard, Pharmacy Compliance Manager – Illinois

Delivery and Warehouse

Jason Ohman, Driver, Warehouse – Auburn

Michael (Todd) Fitzjarrald, Coordinator, Warehouse – Nashville

Nursing and Nursing Support

Bernadine Hansen, Infusion Nurse – Butte

Jennifer Warren, Infusion Nurse – Birmingham

Maryellen Mata, Patient Scheduler – Chico

Other Field Operations

Jessica Kozinski, Registered Dietitian – South Carolina

Marcela Garcia, Specialist, Nutrition Care – California

Patient Registration

Amanda Smith, Technician – Jacksonville

Jennifer Adkins, Lead Specialist – Cleveland

Joshua Simons, Lead Specialist – Vernon Hills

Karina Garcia, Lead Specialist – Vernon Hills

People Leaders

Patrick Carpenter, Senior Director, Operations – Portland

Denise Delgado, RCM Manager – San Antonio

Autumn Romanowski, Manager, Nursing – Spokane Valley

Pharmacist, Pharmacy Tech and Patient Services

Alen Landup, Clinical Pharmacist – Chicago

Gilbert Lapena, Clinical Pharmacy Technician II – Los Angeles Specialty

Grant Davis, Clinical Pharmacist – Gainesville

Gursimran Kaur, Clinical Pharmacist – New York City

Kara Schaller, Clinical Pharmacist – Columbia

Melissa Hester, Lead Technician, Pharmacy – Savannah


Brian Goppman, Specialist, Collections – Pittsburgh

Isaac Gilbert, Analyst, Reimbursement Payer – Vernon Hills

Kimberly Denhof, Specialist, Revenue Cycle Operations – Michigan

Tammey Vanyo, Lead Specialist, Collections – Pittsburgh

Second Quarter

Corporate Functions

Emily Baugher, Analyst, Financial - Risk Management - Bannockburn

Nursing and Nursing Support

Robin DeBiasio, Patient Scheduler - New Haven

Other Field Operations

Audra Doyle, Coordinator, Nutrition Care - Jonesboro

Kyle Hoch, Facility Manager - Bannockburn

Patient Registration

Alma Mata, Lead Specialist, Patient Registration - Riverside

Nature Parker, Coordinator, Patient Registration - New York City

People Leaders

Amy Johnson, Manager, Pharmacy - Chicago Specialty

Angela Jimenez, Manager, RCM - Remote; Michigan

Megan Ensign, Manager, RCM - Vernon Hills

Pharmacist, Pharmacy Tech and Patient Services

Christopher Roy, Clinical Pharmacist - New Haven

Mary Gayed, Clinical Pharmacist - Morris Plains

Seairra Kelly, Lead Technician, Pharmacy - Greenville

Tammy Dang, Clinical Pharmacy Technician I - New Haven


Christopher Musacchio, Lead Specialist, Billing - Vernon Hills

Deona Saylor, Specialist, Revenue Cycle Training - Machesney Park Center 1

Leola Moton-Morgan, Specialist, Billing - Addison Suite 120

Matthew Smok, Analyst, Reimbursement Data - Addison Suite 120